How To Upset Everyone on Medium, tell the truth about Data Science.

“This Clickbait Article……”

Have you actually read some of the other data science posts that are out there? A lot of them have clickbaity titles too and they show up in people’s daily digest email (we’ll get on that a bit more in a moment). But, because they click on the clickbaity link, probably thinking, “This really looks clickbaity”, they get outraged that their assumptions are confirmed.

How Did This End Up In My Email?

Well rest assured I had nothing to do with it. I’ll show you the stats (trust me I’ve got friends in marketing asking me how the hell I did it). I DID NOTHING but someone or something out there did.

Does Medium Have Quality Control?

Probably not, not the way some people think they are to be treated.


It’s not shown up on my email, that’s for sure.

How did I look reading the comments?



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Jason Bell

Jason Bell

Author of Machine Learning: Hands on for Devs/TechProfs for Wiley. An OpenUK Ambassador and a Confluent Kafka Community Catalyst.