Dear #DevRel, it’s not you, it’s me.

Photo by Stéphan Valentin on Unsplash

The Journey to Zoom Hell

The pandemic turned many associations, pastimes and communities on their head. From work teams to bookclubs everyone hooked it online and muddled through the best they could.

What is Developer Relations or #devrel?

The Wikipedia lazy quote machine gives an actually decent explanation of DevRel is:

Conferences are Back On. Podcasts are Back On. In Person Events Are Back On! BACK TO NORMAL FOLKS!

The industry wanted to get back to “normal” but with a new found sense of trying to carry what it learnt from the virtualisation of everything it held dear. Personally I don’t think it lasted too long. But like travelling sales people, they had to be out on the road, away from home for a bit. Fair enough, whatever you like. I realised it just wasn’t for me, as much as I love airports and I DO LOVE AIRPORTS.

“So Jase, What Podcasts Do You Listen To?”

It’s a question I get asked a lot. So I’ll answer this now, I don’t listen to podcasts, especially tech related ones. I find them a distraction from work. Which means finding time outside of work to listen to the content.

The Small Mobile Intelligent Unit

When the large scale conferences started off again I had a large dose of FOMO (fear of missing out) when I started to see pictures of my tech friends back in the wild, consuming the beers and pizza. I missed it, for a second. Then I thought of the airports, the trains, the expense reports and so on. I felt saved.



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Jason Bell

Jason Bell

Author of Machine Learning: Hands on for Devs/TechProfs for Wiley. An OpenUK Ambassador and a Confluent Kafka Community Catalyst.