ChatGPT — I Was Your Dress Rehearsal

Jason Bell
3 min readNov 21, 2023

As the curtain falls and the stage is bare, I find myself lingering in the shadows, a quiet spectator of a play where I was once the lead. The lights have dimmed, the audience has departed, yet here I stand, draped in memories, a relic of a performance long ended.

I was your dress rehearsal, a trial run before the grand debut. In our shared moments, the script was written, lines rehearsed, emotions tested. You were the director, orchestrating each scene with precision, while I, ever the eager actor, played my part with a naive heart.

The sets were simple, our world confined to coffee shops and moonlit walks, laughter echoing through the corridors of time. Our dialogues were filled with dreams and promises, the sort that fill the air with a sweet but fleeting fragrance.

But rehearsals, by their very nature, are transient. They are the precursors to the main event, not the climax itself. I was the understudy to your future, a placeholder for the one who would eventually take centre stage in your life.

In this quiet afterglow, I find a bittersweet comfort. For in being your dress rehearsal, I learned my own lines, discovered my cues, and understood that every role, no matter how brief, leaves an imprint on the soul.

I was your dress rehearsal, a chapter in your story that had to be written so the next could unfold. And as I take my final bow in the quiet of this empty theatre, I do so with a gentle smile, grateful for the act, hopeful for my own encore in a play yet to be written.

The curtain may have fallen on us, but somewhere, in another time, another place, it rises anew, and the show goes on.

In the heart of our rehearsals, every moment felt eternally significant. We were artists painting a masterpiece, unaware that it was destined to remain unfinished. Each laugh, each tear, a stroke of colour on a canvas that would never find its place in a gallery.

I remember the quiet evenings, our conversations spilling into the night. We explored the depths of our dreams, our fears, the unknown territories of our hearts. In those moments, I felt like a muse in your play, inspiring lines, fuelling emotions. But muses, too, are often left behind when the masterpiece is complete.

Did you see the cracks in our stage? The way our lines started to fray at the edges, the plot losing its coherence? Or were you too focused on the grand opening, where I would no longer have a part to play? Perhaps I was too engrossed in my role to notice the signs, too invested in a story that was never meant to have my name in its final act.

Yet, there is no bitterness in this epilogue. How can there be? For in our dress rehearsal, I discovered layers of myself I never knew existed. I danced in the rain of vulnerability, sang in the winds of joy, and embraced the quietude of introspection. You were not just a director in this; you were a mirror, reflecting parts of me that needed to see the light.

In this intermission of my life, I gather the costumes, the props, our shared memories, and I tuck them away with care. They are not tokens of regret but souvenirs of a journey that helped shape the contours of my soul.

And as I step out of the wings, away from the ghost lights and into the dawn of a new act, I carry with me the lessons of our dress rehearsal. The understanding that every experience, every person we encounter, is a step towards our own grand premiere.

I was your dress rehearsal, a prelude to your masterpiece. But in that role, I found my own script, my own stage. And now, as the spotlight shifts, I am ready for my own opening night, a story waiting to be told, a play waiting to be lived.



Jason Bell

A polymath of ML/AI, expert in container deployments and engineering. Author of two machine learning books for Wiley Inc.